Against Apathy

Research, advocacy, and discussion


Against Apathy is about just that—combatting apathy towards critical social issues. I know that is broad, and it is intentional. I started this website and update it in my spare time. I originally began this website to discuss U.S. foreign policy and to protest what I perceive to be excessive militarism and erosions of our civil liberties and rights. However, I have since expanded the topics, and they are likely to keep expanding the more that I write.

I believe the first step to bringing about change is simply awareness and public discussion. Thus, I want this website to offer a series of well-researched, in-depth, intellectually honest articles on a public forum for people to freely consider, comment on, or criticize. I welcome and encourage unsolicited submissions from readers (see submissions section for details and criteria), as I see this as the bedrock of fostering truly democratic, public debate.


Mission Statement:

To promote awareness and public discussion of critical social issues through well-researched, in-depth, intellectually honest articles on a public forum.


Core Principles:

1) Transparency and accountability: We believe in citing sources when appropriate in order to build credible and useful arguments.

2) Democracy: A truly healthy democracy requires open, public debate and free access to information. We wish to encourage this not only through our articles, but also through comments and reader submissions.

3) Honesty: We believe in intellectual honesty and being open to criticism—and it applies to ourselves as well. What we present will of course be biased, but we will always try our best to be up front with our bias. Pretending otherwise is not only bad argumentation, but it is entirely discrediting.

4) Peace: Part of our bias is in advocating for peace abroad and in the United States. We also advocate change only through peaceful means, like discussion and advocacy.